Located in the Adirondack Region of Upstate New York, Emergent Nutrition is one of the fastest-growing providers of research-based premium dietary supplements for athletes and health-conscious consumers around the world.

Our mission is to fuel your body with all-natural, innovative nutritional supplements to improve sports performance, health and body composition.

We are guided by the principle that less is more, and look for synergies in precise nutrient combinations to optimize your health, boost your body's metabolism and increase physical strength and endurance. 



"In my practice, and as part of the Treatment Team for Ironman Triathlons, I regularly treat athletes of all competitive levels and abilities. To aid workout recovery, speed rehabilitation and improve athletic performance, I always highly recommend Emergent Nutrition supplements, including SYNERGY-XP (to all my patients) and TEST-XL (to male patients over 30), as these are simply the highest-quality and most effective sports supplements to achieve your health, training and competition goals." 
Dr. Keith Donato, D.C.
Owner, Donato Chiropratic and Sports Injury

Official Treatment Team Member for Ironman Triathlons

Member of ART Elite Provider Network
"After over 20 years of competitive powerlifting, Ive tried more than my fair share of protein powders. Todd Henry, a fellow powerlifter, and his company, Emergent Nutrition, have taken the time to research and develop a superior protein by using micro-filtered whey and micellar casein to make it lactose- and fat-free, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. I have some serious digestive issues that can easily be aggravated by poorly-made or mediocre proteins. Ive had no issues with SYNERGY-XP, and look forward to continue using it to improve my performance.."
Brian Schwab, Pro Powerlifter
Highest all-time total of 1930 at 148. 

Third-highest total of 2045 at 165 

Currently holds over 25 world records
"I swim every day, and at my age (mid-forties), I need uncompromising nutrition to recover after each workout.  So I read about SYNERGY-XP and decided to give it a try. After just a week, I could feel the difference. I was less sore after intense workouts, and ready to go the next day.  In fact, I started hitting PRs again, after longstanding plateaus. Remarkably, I also began noticing a leanness I hadn't seen in many years, confirming that I'd lost body fat while maintaining lean muscle. AND ... the taste and texture of the shakes are fantastic — smooth as can be and it goes down easily and without any unpleasant aftertaste."
Ben Kerschberg, Founder
Owner, BKC3 Consulting

Avid Swimmer

Huffington Post and Forbes Columnist
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